Electronic Baby Feeder Sterilizer BY-76 Beurer

Baby Feeder Sterilizer BY-76

The Baby Feeder Sterilizer BY-76 is the perfect assistant if you have babies or infants. It eliminates all harmful household bacteria and disinfects up to 6 bottles and accessories in 7 minutes.

  • Elimination of all harmful household bacteria
  • Digital display makes it easy to see remaining sterilization time
  • With LED display
  • Disinfects up to 6 bottles and accessories in 7 minutes
  • Contents remain sterile for 3 hours if lid remains unopened
  • Sterilizes without chemical additives
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories
  • Tongs, removable bottle grid and measuring jug
  • Optical and acoustic signal
  • Cord winder
  • Automatic switch-off

Every parent wants to give their baby the best possible start in life.

When young, babies are still building immunity to the many contaminants that our adult bodies are accustomed to encountering and warding off.

Give your baby’s delicate digestive tract and immune system a helping hand by keeping harmful bacteria from being transmitted at feeding time with a bottle sterilizer.

These are some of the most common sicknesses caused by bacteria that a bottle sterilizer and dryer eliminates:

-Food poisoning


-Hepatitis A



-Stomach Flu

While we’re not suggesting that you can protect your baby from exposure to these bacteria forever, a common suggestion is to use a bottle sterilizer until the age of 1. This will allow your little one to gradually develop immunity – hopefully without experiencing the unpleasant (and dangerous) effects of these and other bacteria-borne illnesses.

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