Manual Wheel Chair Aluminum 868L-AJ-A

Wheel Chair Aluminum 868L-AJ-A

KY868LAJ-A-46 63 24 46(41,43) 24”(PU) 8”(PVC) 50 87 101 43 37 100 96*26*76 13 334

Advantages of Wheel Chair Aluminum 868L-AJ-A:

*Friendly new design for users who can walk and need rest after walking

*Light stainless aluminum wheelchair by bright silver oxidation

*Fixed ergonomic PU armrests and footrests

*Built in durable double-layered nylon cushions(for temperature balance in both summer and winter)

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 24”PU rear wheels

*Durable, shock absorptive, maintenance-free 8”PVC front wheels

*Economical black plastic footplates

*United brakes enabling users/carers to stop the wheelchair steadily and safely

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