Electric Hospital Bed Five Function China

Hospital Bed Five Function China


  • Integrated stamping frame and mattress base are steel made with epoxy.
  • Polyester powder coated and baked finish.
  • Back-rest lifting angle is 0-90 degrees (+-5 degree).
  • Knee Hyphen breast lifting angle is 0-45 degrees (+-5 degrees).
  • Height adjustable from 460mm(46cm) to 720mm (72cm).
  • Trendelenburg: approximately o to 12 degrees.
  • Anni-Trendelenburg: approximately o to 12 degrees.
  • Detachable ABS head-foot board.
  • ABS side guard rails.
  • Central control lock.
  • I.V Pole/ Urine Hooks.

Just like other mobility devices such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and crutches, a Hospital Bed Five Function China electric bed improves a patient’s ability to enjoy a better quality of life with more comfort. These adjustable beds can help patients to sit up, elevate certain body sections, and help them get out of bed with greater ease. For people who have suffered from an injury, the use of electric beds can substantially improve their recovery and their disability time.Hospitals beds are not just for those who are sick or elderly or in the hospital. Hospital beds are now referred to as Electric Beds as they have become essential for those recovering from back or abdominal surgery where they have trouble getting in and out of bed, or are unable to position themselves comfortably in a regular bed. The fully electric hospital beds allow you to adjust the head, foot and overall height of the bed to your desired needs independently.

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