Hospital Bed Three Function Manual China

Hospital Bed Three Function Manual China

Bed Three Function Manual China for hospital and personal use.


Detachable ABS head & foot board
Collapsed type aluminum alloy 6 stuff railing
Perforated powder coated steel bed platform
Noiseless 5″castors with brake
Size: 2150 x 980 x 460/720mm

3 Manual functions:
Backrest lifting
Knee rest lifting
Height adjustment

Bed Three Function Manual China will include cranks to adjust the position and height of the mattress platform. Any time that the position of the bed needs to be changed, someone has to physically do it. As you can imagine, this is particularly pesky if you have a patient who regularly needs repositioning. On the plus side, manual hospital beds are cheaper.A hospital bed is designed to allow you positioning not possible in a homestyle bed. By using the features of the bed, you can be supported in a position that will allow you to breathe and rest more comfortably as well as get in and out of bed more easily.

All controls are operated manually.
1. Lock the bed in desired location by depressing the levers on the
casters located at the foot and head of the bed.

2. At the end of the bed are three cranks, which control the functions
of the bed. Turning the crank clockwise will raise that portion of
the bed; turning the crank counterclockwise will lower it. After
usage, fold crank under bed

A common household cleaner can be used to keep the bed clean. If you have any problems with the bed, call us for assistance.

There are many kinds of mattresses available for a hospital bed, including mattresses filled with air, gel, or foam. Some special mattresses can reduce pressure on certain body areas, and help prevent pressure sores. You can buy or rent the mattress at ACG Medical Supply where you buy or rent the hospital bed. The mattress usually comes with a waterproof cover. You may need other pads or bed attachments. You might consider renting extra bed equipment, if needed.

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