Bed side locker Pak Made

Bed side locker Pak

Made up of CRCA sheets with SS top , provided with one storage box , epoxy powder coated.

Specifications of bed side locker Pak:

  • MS Iron made
  • One drawer
  • one cabinet

We also make hospital furniture on demand of our clients in Iron and Stainless Steel Material. We also make instrument trolleys in both materials. Instrument trolley with drawer standard size: 18×24″ inch, Instrument trolley without drawer standard Size: 18x 24″ inch, Crush cart trolley, Food serving trolley for hospitals. Laundry trolley and furniture like Hospital beds, Side Screen or Partition for patients privacy. Drip stands and patient stools. We also deal in imported furniture like Bed Side locker made in ABS plastic, ICU beds imported and China both.

A hospital bedside locker is a utility piece of furniture that is placed on the side of the patient’s bed in the room or ward. It is used to store a variety of things like medicines, medical reports and other personal belongings of the patient. However, such lockers or cabinets have many more benefits of which some of which have been discussed below.Furniture in a hospital plays a vital role as it helps the patients feel like home and also safe. Just imagine what if there weren’t any waiting area or any seating arrangements there? Where would a patient sit if there weren’t any examination beds for the patient to rest? When we talk about hospital furniture,Guest Posting one thing that is necessary among the furniture is a bed side locker Pak made.

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