Rib Chest Belt Flamingo

Rib Chest Belt

Rib belt plays an important role in keeping the upper abdominal and thoracic region compressed during the rig fractures. Flamingo rib belt is comfortable, flexible and allows comfortable breathing. It can be used for postoperative care or during rib cage fracture. It is thin and light in weight as well as does not look odd on the clothes. Its porous webbing provides proper ventilation and makes the patient comfortable. It has wide hook and loop tape panel that offers better adjustment and holding.This rib belt tones up the muscles completely by keeping them compressed. It is very beneficial after surgery and delivery. Rib belt holds the thoracic, upper abdominal region & rib cage and provides perfect comfort. Helps support the injured ribs and allows for rib cage expansion The rib belt provides for an excellent compression to assist in stabilization Holds the thoracic, upper abdominal region and rib cage Facilitates easy breathing, deep breathing/even spasms Ideal for stabilization of sternum fractures.

Available in all Sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


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