Digital Weighing Scale Beurer PS-240

Digital Weighing Scale Beurer PS-240

Weighing Scale Beurer PS-240.


⦁ Soft-grip standing surface – comfortable and secure footing on rubber-coated standing surface
⦁ Illuminated black display
⦁ Black backlit LCD display
⦁ Decorative: elegant stainless-steel casing
⦁ Switch-on technology: Quick Start
⦁ Automatic switch-off, overload indicator
⦁ Weight capacity: 180 kg
⦁ Digit size: 33 mm

Technical Details:

Max. capacity of Weighing Scale Beurer PS-240 is 180 kg (396 lb / 28 st),
Graduation 50 g (0,1 lb / 0,005 st).
• Cleaning: You can clean the scale with a damp, cloth
using a little washing-up liquid if necessary. Never
immerse the scale in water or rinse it under running
• Protect the scale against knocks, damp, dust, chemi-
cals, drastic changes in temperature, electromagnetic
fields and sources of heat that are too near.
• Never step onto the outer edge of the scale with one
foot as this could cause the scales to tip!
• Keep packaging material away from children!
• Not intended for commercial use.
• Should you have any questions regarding operation and
usage of our appliances, please contact your local retail-
ers or Customer Service.
• Before making a claim, please check the batteries and
replace them if necessary.
• Repairs must only be carried out by Customer Services
or authorised suppliers.
Notes on handling batteries
• If your skin or eyes come into contact with battery fluid,
flush out the affected areas with water and seek medical
Choking hazard! Small children may swallow and
choke on batteries. Store the batteries out of the reach
of small children


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