Manual Weighing Scale CAMRY DT-612

Manual Weighing Scale CAMRY DT-612

Weighing Scale Camry DT-612


– Large size dial
– Anti-slip surface mat with nice engrossment
– Capacity: 160 kg / 350 lbs
– Graduation: 1 kg / 2 lb

Analog Precision Scale: Weighing Scale Camry DT-612 analog bathroom scale features an extra-large dial and 160 Kg weight capacity with a comfort grip platform and an easy-to-read rotating dial
• Easy and Accurate: Whether you’re looking to gain, lose, or maintain your weight, the accuracy of our analog scale makes it an ideal tool for helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goal
• Analog Accuracy: This scale’s rotating analog dial doesn’t require batteries to operate or 20/20 vision to read. Its sleek metallic finish and shape make it a subtle addition to your bathroom decor
• Health and Wellness: Prioritize health and self care at home!

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