Adjustable Walker With Wheels China

Adjustable Walker With Wheels China

Walker With Wheels fold able and with height adjustment option.


  • Made of aluminum, so it’s lightweight and will not rust
  • 2-in-1, you can use it as reciprocal (swinging) or fixed with just a lock
  • Folding, so it easily fits into compact spaces and is convenient to carry around
  • Adjustable height, with a simple push of a button on the four legs
  • Can support weights of up to 75 kilograms
  • With 2 wheels in front for ease of use of patient

Walker With Wheels gives recovering patients or aged people support and security to walk distances without the help of another person. By using this walker, their confidence in themselves will be increased as they practice to rely on their own strength and capabilities.

  • Pros: Highly adjustable, provides support, folds for transportation, durable, comes with a hard plastic glide on the back of the walker for improved glide, and it’s inexpensive
  • Cons: Doesn’t have a seat, and it’s more work to use on community surfaces, compared with four-wheeled walkers

Even though walkers are an effective way to prevent falls, many older adults are resistant to using them. According to a 2017 study, the reasons older adults give for not wanting to use a walker include:

  • feeling they’re a threat to identity
  • purporting not to need such assistance
  • stigma
  • forgetfulness
  • ease of use
  • poor fit
  • not being accessible at all times

The researchers also discovered that many older adults lacked knowledge about fall prevention and proper use of a walker. That’s why education is so critical to improving the use of walkers.

If you or a loved one are having difficulty with the idea of using a walker, Wilson says the first thing to focus on is safety. “A walker will keep you more mobile for longer, and it can help prevent falls and injury,” she says.


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