Adjustable Walker Without Wheels China

Adjustable Walker Without Wheels China

Walker without wheels china is light weight with folding option and height adjustment option and is easy to carry.


  • High Quality Walker
  • Height adjustable & Fold able
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Light weight
  • Material Aluminum & chrome

This High quality walker features a unique push button mechanism for easy folding. Its U-shaped frame offers greater clearance while its enhanced cross-frame design provides you with greater stability.

  • In deciding whether to go with a basic or wheeled walker, consider whether you will be able to handle having wheels. You should be able to control both the wheels and brakes effectively.
  • The next decision is to make sure you will be able to use the walker comfortably. Take into account your height, weight, lifting capability. Most walking aids are adjustable to fit a user’s height, so finding the height range is more important than finding a walking aid that matches your height exactly. Additionally, there will be times that you need to lift or shift the walker away from uneven surfaces, so models that are lightweight are important to look for.
  • If you travel outside of your home frequently, choose a walker that folds down for easy storage and transport.
  • Many of the rolling walkers, or rollators, come with seats. If you find yourself getting tired easily and needing a break, rollators with seats and storage baskets are a good choice.
  • Rollator/transport chair combination products are useful if you want to walk part of the time and be pushed (transported) when you get tired.


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