Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus Citizen CH-452

Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus Citizen CH-452

Product: Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus

Brand: Citizen

Blood Pressure Monitor CH-452


⦁ 90 memory recall function
⦁ Irregular heartbeat indicator
⦁ Body movement indicator
⦁ Average of last 3 readings
⦁ One touch operation
⦁ Full automatic inflation
⦁ Quiet inflation
⦁ Automatic power off
⦁ AC adapter is optional (AC-230CZ)


he Citizen CH-452 digital blood pressure monitor is just an easy way to keep track of your blood pressure. It offers a one-touch operation, which means measuring your blood pressure is as simple with just a press of a button. This BP monitor ensures full automatic inflation for your convenience. The technology used in the Citizen CH-452, to measure blood pressure, has passed in a validation study, in a general population, according to a recognized standard protocol, as published in a peer-reviewed publication.

To obtain correct blood pressure measurements
1. Take fi ve or six deep breaths and then relax before measuring your blood pressure. If you are tense when taking the measurement, you will not get a valid reading.
2. Your blood pressure will be elevated if you are anxious or irritated, suffering from lack of sleep or constipation, or have just taken some exercise or eaten a meal.
3. Wrap the cuff around your arm and tighten it so that one fi nger can be inserted between the cuff and arm. ( See page 12, 13)
4. DO NOT measure your blood pressure after bathing or drinking.
5. If you feel the need to urinate, do so before measuring your blood pressure.
6. Measure your blood pressure where the room temperature is around 20°C. DO NOT measure your blood pressure when it is too cold (below 10°C) or too hot (above 40°C) in the room.
7. DO NOT try to measure your blood pressure immediately after drinking coffee or tea or after smoking


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