Glucometer Accu Chek Instant-S

Glucometer Accu Chek Instant-S

Accu Chek Instant S Blood Glucose Monitoring Device.




Less than 4 seconds


77.1 x 48.6 x 15.3 mm (LWH)

1 coin cell (CR2032)


Accu-Chek Instant

Accu-Chek Softclix

Advantages of Accu Chek Instant S

There are many benefits of having your own blood sugar testing kit at home. These include:

  • The convenience of use
    One of the biggest pros of a glucometer is that it offers a patient the facility of testing their blood sugar levels from the comfort of their home without needing to always go to a doctor. This is especially great for patients who need to check their blood sugar levels daily. If the weather is bad — such as heavy snow — a patient need not suffer in the dark but can keep track of their blood sugar levels and collect the data or even send these across via apps to their doctor.
  • Accuracy of reading
    Based on the latest technology, modern glucometers have highly sensitive strips that are based on certain chemicals to detect every component of blood accurately. So, you can get near-to-laboratory accuracy from the comfort of your home or even while traveling.
  • Possibility to make medical decisions
    A glucometer gives you an accurate reading of your blood sugar level that enables you to make crucial decisions about your diet or medication. For instance, if your sugar levels show as low, you might want to consume a quick snack before working out to avoid feeling sick or unconscious. The readings will also show you the impact of any new medication or food on your diabetes. Additionally, a sudden onset of high blood sugar is a warning sign that something is not right and you need medical help. This can actually make the difference between life and death.
  • Suitable for seniors
    While everyone with diabetes should have a glucometer, the benefits are especially notable for seniors. This is because seniors often find it hard to leave their homes and head to a clinic each time that they need their blood glucose checked. Now, with glucometers, they can check their blood sugar readings at home and also share these reports with their doctors online. This ensures the good health of the patient and helps the doctors too, by easing their workload in laboratories.
  • Value-added benefits of smart glucometers and apps
    The newer range of glucometers can do so much more than merely read your blood sugar levels. Most of the newer apps can sync data to apps and websites and also work with Bluetooth. These aptly named smart glucometers can let you record data, track insulin, and even keep notes about your diet and exercise. All of these records are maintained on apps and this information can even be shared with your family members or physicians. You can even request for an overall view of how you are faring, which will be presented as data in the form of graphs and pie charts. Some glucometers even have voice capability to read out your results to you. Additionally, most of these smart glucometers are convenient to carry around, as they are compact sized. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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Weight 0.040 kg
Dimensions 7.71 × 4.86 × 1.53 cm


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