Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus Omron M2 Basic

Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus Omron M2 Basic

Product: Digital Blood Pressure Apparatus M2 Basic

Brand: Omron

Blood Pressure Monitor Omron

Features and cautions of Blood Pressure Monitor Omron

⦁ Intellisense Technology – this unique OMRON technology ensures that there is less discomfort from over-inflation of the cuff.
⦁ Helps you take your blood pressure quickly and easily with one touch operation.
⦁ Included cuff fits arms with a circumference of 22-32cm

Now you can comfortably, quickly and accurately check your blood pressure and monitor your results easily. Monitoring is made easy with the fully automatic digital OMRON M2 which features Intellisense Technology for soft cuff inflation. It is so easy to use you can take readings with just one touch.

Thanks to affordable digital technology, you now have access to the same high-precision blood pressure monitors that doctors use. In fact, your results can help a medical professional to make the diagnosis, simply because, unlike them, you can take repeated measurements at home over a long period. When deciding on which blood pressure monitor to buy, you need to consider a couple of factors around your needs and lifestyle.

Blood Pressure Monitor Omron :

Shape of your arm

If your upper arm circumference is within 17 – 42 cm, you may consider an upper-arm blood pressure monitor. The upper-arm type often has a wider range of features, such as larger LCD displays. If your upper arm circumference is larger than 42 cm, a wrist blood pressure monitor may be a good option for you. Wrist cuffs fit a wrist circumference of between 13.5 and 21.5 cm. Some OMRON wrist blood pressure monitors are clinically validated for use in obese population.

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