Fetal Monitor Bistos BT-300 CTG Machine Korea

Fetal Monitor Bistos BT-300

BT-300 is showing you what fetus is saying.
Convenient, portable and easy to use, BT-300 is the best antepartum fetal monitor
that meets user’s satisfaction with all of these distinctive features:
Compact and light
High-Sensitivity from the 1 MHz probe
Simultaneous external twin FHR with dual pulsed Doppler
Ergonomic designed Event Marker

Specifications of Fetal Monitor Bistos BT-300:

  • FHR : Pulsed Doppler
  • Ultrasound Frequency : 1 MHz,Intensity : 10mW/cm2 or less
  • FHR Range : 30 ~ 240 bpm
  • FHR Accuracy : ± 2% of Range
  • Display: 7-segment LED three Channel
  • Printer: Thermal Array Type, Paper feeding function
  • Print Speed: 1,2,3 cm/min


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